Iron Cobra

by LiKWUiD



Iron Cobra was written on the A train one afternoon. "People kept asking me to describe my sound and I honestly had no idea on how to explain it. I figured, the best way to do it was to describe it to myself in song and maybe they'd hear it and get it. Deep had just sent me this beat and it was on repeat in my head....hence Iron Cobra emerged." (Yes, the song is named after the drum pedal.)

Iron Cobra is a part of the Likwuidity Project, a collection of unreleased verses, songs, freestyles, audio sketches and ideas of music as audio snap shots of where LiKWUiD's flow has led her in the last decade. Some tracks are brand new, others are oldies, but goodies, remixed and revamped. The Likwuidity Project is meant to be a bridge of expression between LiKWUiD's last EP ( No Regrets) and album (Gummy Bears & Champagne) to her forthcoming albums GRACE and THE FAYBEON MICKENS EXPERIENCE.



Girl next door, still rocking Converse.
And if you got the commerce baby we'll converse
Chronological flow, I gotta see the money first.
Not a gold digger. But I drop gems and mine the earth.
<Fay be on it>
This ain't no fly by night flow
This that trapper keeper late to class type mambo.
Back of the bus, gimme a beat type mojo.
Beating on the counter when the lunch line moving slow.
Aint no bombshell like Nicki or either Azalea
So, for the taste makers it's hard to swallow my flavor.
I still gotta give the people something they can savor
It's so hard when they routing for your failure.
So walk around like it aint nuthing they can Tell ya.
L you sound mad, that's mighty odd.
But I'm a black woman in America so pardon me.
Tell me if I'm too blunt, that's L.
None greater than Love, and that's L.
<Fay be on it>
.....I'm going for the jugular.
Shawty I'm just flexing on em, gotta keep it muscular.
Franchise babygirl, you are just a customer.
Mad cause they loving her and you can't get enough of her.
-My do been here since the dooby years.
I done been to the bottom, so I'm bringing up the rear.
Top bound, top down, starring in the rear.
Mash the gas on the dash, no hands I steer. <RRRR>
How I look from the derrier.
My dogs go hard like a terrier...
They hate it when I call myself a Queen
But I'm first lady status, don't you see this Pink and Green.
Don't say that you wrote that
Have lil mama quote that
Afro pick with the fist on the back. Black
<Fay be on it>
Spent a hundred grand for this college degree, now what did America do for me
Student loan lady, I don't mean to cause probs.
But if you ain't hiring, don't ask me 'bout a job.
You sold us a dream, so I'm putting mine on lay away.
Sorry for your quota, cause baby I just can't pay today.
You called last week and my answer aint changed.
This the land of the free so I'm waiting on CHANGE.
Never thought I'd live to see a real black President.
But niggas still use the word "nigga" so its relative
Progress, contest? 2 sides to every coin.
We need the pistols and the pencils, so we must join.
LEAD, LEAD-------bullet or the ballot.
Only terrorist I know carry police badges.
And wear tailor made suits to the Pentagon.
And be lying to the babies in the synagogues.
Race, color, creed ain't no difference to me.
Cause, we all the same color when bleed.
Homey I be on it. Homey I be on it.
Homey I be on it.


released July 10, 2012
written by: LiKWUiD @likwuid

produced by: 2Hungry Bros @2hungrybros

artwork by: Giraffe Photos @projectmayhema


all rights reserved



LiKWUiD New York, New York

Hip Hop Fusion music artist, DJ, songwriter and educator, LiKWUiD (Stylez), born Faybeo'n LaShanna A Mickens, is committed to using her gift of song to empower the portrayal of women in the entertainment industry. As a pupil of both southern soul and the golden era of hip hop, LiKWUiD's versatile writing style often includes multiple entendres, extended metaphor and religious paradox. ... more

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